Monday, September 29, 2014

odd day

It was cloudy and heavy all day. Not quite right for late September.

But then, nothing's quite been right this year. Winter was too cold, spring too warm, summer too cool and autumn, so far, too warm.

Don't tell me 'climate change' isn't real. Nothing is working quite right. During what has been called the hottest summer in history, New England hasn't had a day over 90.

Maybe living in New England is a good deal right now. Cloudy and heavy late September, but warmer than we would normally expect.

We still have our primary air conditioner in place--the one right beyond me that drives cold air downstairs because I close the door to the upstairs hallway. It's not on, of course, but if fall gets hotter, we have the relief.

Fans in the TV room and our bedroom will be enough, no matter how Indian Summer works out.

But an odd day, none-the-less, and a good time to live in New England, it seems to me.

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