Monday, September 1, 2014

Mimi and Tim

Mimi and Tim took 3 days to come to North Carolina. They stopped in Philadelphia on Thursday night and Richmond on Friday night. Sort of a 'pre-marriage' time together--being in a car on interstates, well, I talked about that in my last post....Good for them.

So, they got to Oak Island before us and picked up the key to the 'Andromeda Strand' (a tad to 'cute' of a name, but a great house).

In spite of that, we got to the house about 5 minutes before they did because they took the time to go to Food Lion and get us all we needed for the first day or so.

When they arrived, it was like we'd not seen them for years...decades...hugs and kisses and shrill greetings all around.

What could be better than being at a beautiful beach, in a great house with people you love dearly?

Not much....

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