Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chicago 2

It's the end of the second day of the workshop--right on schedule where we should be in the material. Tomorrow we finally stop going backwards and move toward the future. The first two days are all about clearing away the stuff in the background in order to create a clearing from which to create a future that wouldn't happen anyway. Tomorrow is always exciting for the participants, and for us....

Where we're staying doesn't have a cafeteria so we take all meals out. But we're right between the University of Chicago and the Catholic Theological Union so there are any number of good places to eat. Last night we had dinner in a glorified diner: Ann Overton and I had biscuits and sausage gravy and fried green tomatoes...I also had grits. Imagine such a wondrous southern meal in the upper reaches of the mid-west! And it was as good as I've had anywhere. What a find--a place for gravy and biscuits that is open 24 hours.

Tonight, John Ibel treated us to a really fine Italian Restaurant. I had some of the best salmon I've ever eaten with shrimp and scallops still in the shell with sun-dried tomatoes and olives and mushrooms and spinach mashed potatoes. There was enough left that I brought it home for lunch tomorrow. The last two days for lunch I've had soft shell crab salad and shrimp spring rolls for a Thia place a couple of blocks away. Today I also had some muscles on rice noodles with a warm green curry sauce. Who knew Chicago was a seafood gem?

(Enough about food already--leading the Making a Difference Workshop works up an appetite....)

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