Monday, September 1, 2014

Light Show

On Sunday night, after a great dinner and a day of being calmed by the ocean, Tim came inside where Bern and Sherry and I were--Tim, Mimi and John were down in the gazebo at the end of the walkway to the steps to the beach. "You've got to see this," is all he said.

Down above the steps we stayed for an hour, at least, watching a light show worth paying for.

A range of black clouds were above Emerald Isle, the beach to the West of Oak Island, back on the NC mainland. Lightening lit up the clouds in rapid succession and wondrous ways. Only once or twice did that power break through and throw white and jagged bolts down to the ocean. But the cloud exploded in golden light over and over and over.

It was a blessing and honor to see that, to be in the near presence of such raw power and raw beauty.

We 'ooed' and 'ahhed' for almost an hour until the show slowly came to an end. do you beat that?

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