Friday, September 19, 2014

"That made it worth it...."

Somewhere, in the last few days, I either read or heard someone say, "that made it worth it."

Something, in life, made life 'worth it' for whoever said that, real or fictional. (I only read fiction these days--four or five books a week--no wonder I can't remember where I heard that.

But it made me think about 'what made it worth it' to live my life.

In my life as a priest I baptized almost 800 children and the rare adult. I was the celebrant at over 600 funerals. I was the one who pronounced almost 400 people married--including 2 same sex couples.

All of that 'made it worth it' to have been alive.

But as a man, I have raised two children who turned out better than I could have imagined.

And I have three remarkable grand-daughters who make my life golden.

And I've been married to Bern for 43 years--full of joy and pain and wonder and worry and fulfillment beyond anything I deserve.

All of that 'made it worth it' to be alive.

More than 'worth it'--amazing, astonishing, profound beyond belief.

I'm so grateful for having been alive. Really. Beyond reality--just perfect.

And I say 'thank you so much' to whatever powers that be, to God and Allah and Yahweh and Jesus and Buddha and Moses and Mohammed and all the others I'm forgetting. And the Goddess. And the stars in the sky and the planets in their courses and the Universe itself.

Thank you.

It has been so 'worth it' I can't even put it into words....

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