Saturday, September 13, 2014


Flying on 9/11 was a bit eerie. Waiting for my flight at Bradley, the entire airport was asked to observe a minute of silence at the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center. I didn't realize how chaotic, loud and full of frenetic movement the airport around me had been until everyone stopped moving and talking for a minute--a long minute.

The trip out was interrupted by a layover in Detroit. In fact, I spent more time in Detroit's airport than in the air the whole day! Two and a half hours in Detroit, two hours and 25 minutes flying. But, luckily, it's a nice airport.

I few to Midway where John Ible, who put together the workshop, picked me up. We're at the Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park, just three blocks from Lake Michigan.  I'm in a large room with bath on the 9th floor--a little high for me given my issues with heights, but as long as I stay a couple of feet from the windows, I'm fine.

The workshop has 29 participants--just about the perfect size. Most are RC religious of some ilk--not unusual since the workshops tend to reflect the producers and John did it all himself and  he's a Maryknoll priest.

I couldn't get on line Thursday and much of Friday until I looked at the small envelope my room key and card to get into the building came in--there was the name and password I was to use printed clearly!

Will write more later.

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