Thursday, December 18, 2014

Adios and farewell, my friend

For several hours I've been watching back to back editions of The Cobert Report on Comedy Central. At 11:30 p.m., if I can make it until then, will be the last ever live Report from Steven Colbert.

He has been a constant friend and source of satire (so rare these days) for years now. And now he'll take over for David Letterman on late night TV.

I don't watch an inordinate amount of TV, but whenever I can, I've caught Colbert's show, usually the next day, earlier.

I will miss you, my TV friend. Especially since I don't normally watch 'The Tonight Show'. Will you stay 'in character' for that? How could you?

So, I'll miss that 'character' immensely. I really will.

You taught me how truly 'liberal' I am, using that "L-word" with pride.

Thanks for that and all the laughs. Now I go back to muscle up on your old shows since there won't be any more.


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