Wednesday, December 3, 2014

war on black men

Another grand jury did not indite a policeman for killing an unarmed black man though the medical examiner of New York ruled the death was a homicide.

Eric Gardner of Staten Island, whose death was on video, joins Michael Brown of Furgenson, MO as a victim of the war on Black men.

I just don't get it. Police, apparently, are immune from justice through the courts.

Unarmed and non-violent, Eric Gardner was choked to death by a policeman who was not indicted. He was being arrested to selling cigarettes one by one.

How come people who cost us jobs everyday by sending them overseas and people who rip us off on Wall Street and the companies who won't raise wages for fast food workers, and the owners of Walmart and the Koch brothers aren't strangled to death by police officers who get off?

Having a Black President and these two cases, never mind Travon Martin, shows how schizophrenic our culture is about race.

My unscientific observation in 25 years of living in Cheshire is that 3/4 of the people I've seen pulled over by police are Latino or Black. And the Latino/Black population of Cheshire is under 1%.

Go figure.

Something is wrong at the core. Something is rotten, not in Denmark, but here.

When will open season on people of color stop and go backwards? Ever?

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