Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh, the things you learn on-line....

In only a quarter of an hour online, I learned:

*Bill Cosby (break my heart some more...) is probably a 'somnophiliac' (who ever heard that word before?) because he liked to have sex with women who were drugged or asleep. Oh, Bill, I'm not sure what makes me angrier, that you betrayed all of us who looked up to you so much or that you did all these things. Obviously, the latter, Dr. Huxtable was a character on a sit-com who gave many hope. You were Bill Cosby and, apparently, assaulted many women in a way that suggests 'date rape'. Oh Lord, I have to re-imagine my adolescence with the Cosby Show.

*The lyricist and music writers of "Oh, Holy Night", my favorite Christmas Carol, were, in that order, an atheist and a Jew. Placide Cappeaude Roquemaure, who wrote the words, was at best agnostic and Charles Adams, who wrote that wondrous music, was Jewish. Not that this bothers me at all. It could have been a Buddhist and Muslim who wrote it and it would still be my favorite carol. Once my daughter, Mimi, sang it from the balcony of St. John's in Waterbury, carrying a candle and dressed in white. O Lord, what a night that was!

*Scott Walker, the governor (how?) of Wisconsin, once wrote a letter to a constituent who wanted a Menorah on the town square of Madison during the holiday season, that he was glad to have the Menorah and ended the letter by writing, "thank you and Molotov." Surely he meant 'Mazel Tov' rather than the explosive device named after a Russian general named 'Molotov'. But it just goes to show you, Republicans have problems dealing with minorities....

If I spent hours and hours online, I could bring you many wondrous stories. But I won't.

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