Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The forgotten bottle

I was brushing my teeth after lunch (I am a brush and floss fanatic!) when I noticed a huge bottle of Rolaids on our bathroom shelves. It was 120 Rolaids and out of date by 6 months--who knew Rolaids went out of date.

There was a time, several years ago now, when I ate Rolaids like candy and drank that nausea inducing shade of pink Pepto Bismol like water.

I had forgotten about that. And I don't remember when it stopped. When my stomach stopped bothering me.

And I'm clueless about why I stopped needed stomach aides--clean living? I doubt that. Less stress--I'm not sure. Being retired from full time ministry--maybe....

Whatever the reason I haven't taken a Rolaids for years now.

I can probably throw them out, if I knew how since there is lots of stuff about how any kind of medication down the toilet gets in the water supply and stuff in land-fills almost never disintegrates.

But I'm glad, really glad, that I'm stomach distress free these days.

Maybe not 'clean living' but certainly 'living free...."

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