Thursday, December 25, 2014

No need to 'dream' of a quiet Christmas

Mimi came to us on December 23, in time for dinner. Tim had already flown to Florida to be with his parents. Josh and Cathy and the girls had Christmas at home and leave tomorrow early for a cruise with Cathy's parents and 2 brothers and their families.

Christmas Eve I went to Emmanuel, Killingworth for their 5 pm Christmas Eve (lots of strings and organ and piano--a full church--wondrous) and then met Mimi and Bern at John Anderson's apartment for dinner with people we've spent Christmas Eve with for years.

When we got home, we opened presents. Mimi made a generous donation to a 'no kill' rescue in West Virginia, loved her presents and Bern got a story "How the Girls Saved Christmas" from me and I received a painting from her showing our three creatures at Midnight talking. Maggie, the bird, says "heat" (there's a small heater by her cage since she is, after all, tropical. Bela, the Puli, is sitting in front of where his treats are saying "treat". Luke the Cat is at his bowl saying "eat". You'd hope they'd say something more exciting at midnight on Christmas Eve, but it exactly what they would say!

My short story (illustrated for the first time) was about how our granddaughters glasses were magic and gave them powers and they helped Santa save Christmas.

Slept until 9 on Christmas. John came to brunch--just the two of us and Mimi around the table.

Mimi left around 3:30 to go to NYC and catch a flight to be with Tim in Fort Meyers.

It's not to same as having our whole family here (but we did that at Thanksgiving) but a Quiet Christmas once in a while is good for the soul. It really is.

Hope your Christmas--quite or loud--gave your soul what it needed....

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