Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh no, not giraffes too!

Is there no end to our abuse of this fragile planet, our island home?

I just read online at the Huffington Post that Giraffes are nearing extinction. There are only 180,000 in the wild, a 40 % decrees in the last decade.

The decline is from both loss of habitat and poaching. The poaching is for their meat. Giraffes are easier to kill than most wild animals since they are docile and usually not afraid of people. And, as you can imagine, a giraffe provides a lot of meat. Some Africans even believe eating giraffe brain can cure HIV, which is rampant on that continent.

But giraffes, for goodness sake, what kind of world would it be without those crazy looking beasts? An animal obviously designed by a committee. How impoverished life would be without them.

Elephants and Rinos, the article said, are more in the public's mind for conserving. But I don't want to live on a planet without giraffes....

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