Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another warm day

July was so kind to New England--lots of nights cool enough to do without A/C and temperature in the high 70's. August, so far, is not being so forgiving. Near 90 today, but bearable. I'm not going to complain when wild fires are scorching the West Coast and temps are ultra-high in the Midwest and south. I imagine it's because God is looking after the Blue states....But maybe not.

Which brings us to coal.

The President (God love him) shocked the opposition by coming out with much deeper cuts in carbon emissions--that means 'not burning coal'--than anyone expected.

We are electricity junkies (don't take my AC away in August!) but that's what's causing climate change along with internal combustion engines. Coal.

I have coal dust in my blood. My father was a coal miner as well as my father in law. John Lewis and the United Mine Workers Union are the fourth and fifth members of the Trinity to me. Coal=West Virginia. King Coal, we called it.

And it must stop. It really must. I know it will plunge some of the most depressed parts of the country--Southern West Virginia, Kentucky, Southwestern Virginia--into even more grievous economic decline. But, burning coal is poisoning the planet and it must stop.

I have grand-children who, God willing, will have my great-grandchildren. I want them to have a planet to live on in peace and comfort.

Not burning coal for electricity will be part of what makes that possible.

(The coal dust in my blood is trying to blind me for writing that...but it is true....)

And people shouldn't have coal dust in their blood, by the way.

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