Thursday, August 27, 2015

The crickets in my head

I have tinnitus. It sounds like crickets in my head. So, it's very pleasant and rather relaxing to listen to the crickets in my head.

But sometimes they go away.

They are away right now. I was just out on the porch and real crickets were making their cricket noise and the crickets in my head went away.

I remember when I was at St. John's in Waterbury, I'd go sit in the church while Bob Havery, the organist was practicing. And the crickets in my head would go away. Maybe it was some note or series of notes that made them leave. I don't know.

It's rather odd to have no sound in my head at all, since I have it most always.

I hope I'm not getting to the point where I miss the crickets in my head when they're not there!

But here's the truth, as I know it, having crickets in you head is not nearly as bad as most afflictions.

In fact, if someone could promise me that after death I'd just hear crickets for all eternity, that would be an afterlife worth longing for.

They still aren't there--the crickets in my head--and it's been half-an-hour.

What I'm pondering is this: do I want them to come back or not.....?

How strange, to be wondering if I'll miss an affliction....!

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