Saturday, August 8, 2015

The first and last time I'll agree with Donald Trump

Trump was, as usual, thoughtless in his verbage about Megan Kelly--all the 'blood from wherever" stuff--but he was right that he was set up and made to look bad.

The initial question about agreeing to 'support the Republican Party's nominee' would not have been asked if Trump hadn't opened that possibility. No one else had said it. So, obviously, it was asked to make him look like the bad guy out. Obviously.

And the question from Megan about Trump's comments about women--that too was heavy handed. No one on that state hadn't, at some time or another, said something feminists (and male feminists like me) haven't flinched at.

Trump says what he thinks and gives not a crap about political correctness. And that is, to this point, winning the support of more Republicans than any two others (Bush and Walker). Fox News and Megan Kelly know and know fair well that Trump couldn't beat Hillary or Biden or Bernie...or me, for God's sake, in a general election, so they tried to take him out of the mix in that debate.

And Megan, for goodness sake, was visibly and in voice tone, out to get the Donald.

Yes, left-wing, almost socialist Democrat Me watched the whole thing.Something like being present for the 'end' of the Republican Party...I hope.

The Red State something or other took back Trump's invitation to speak today--lots of conservative activists. I think that might just backfire.

Go, Donald, go! Nothing better for left-win, almost socialist Democrats like me that that you do well.

I'm rooting for you, boy.....


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