Thursday, August 6, 2015

What I wish I'd said....

This afternoon, the land phone rang. It doesn't ring much. Mimi and Josh sometimes call it but most people use our cell phone #'s.

I answered and a cheerful voice said, "Hi, Jim!"

I went through my phone voice recognition index without success.

It was a 'professional fundraiser' calling about children with some heinous disease.

I said, "I don't give money over the phone, ever. Send me something in the mail that includes how much actually gets to the charity."

"Should I send you something for $25 or more?"

"I just want information." I said.

"Jim, I can't send you an empty envelope. You need to make a pledge," she said.

"No," I said.

"It's not the amount, Jim," she said, "it's the compassion."

I hung up.

I wish I had said, "don't call me 'Jim' until you've known me for several years. Mr. Bradley or Dr. Bradley or Fr. Bradley will do until then. And don't lecture me on 'compassion', my life's work has been about compassion. I just don't to give money to 'professional fund raisers', like you, but to people in need of 'compassion', and let me speak to your supervisor."

But I said none of that.

I hung up. The coward's way out.

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