Sunday, August 16, 2015

What I want in 2016

Surveying the candidates for 2016, I've come up with what I really want. Here are the scenarios in order of what I really, really want.

1. Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders: there's no one I agree with more than Bernie. If we had a party, as many European nations do, called "Democratic Socialist", I'd be a member. I'm in favor of single payer health care (a.k.a. 'socialized medicine') on the Canadian model; I'm in favor of European like taxes on the rich and European like social programs for the poor. I think we should wave the cap on Social Security contributions. I never made more than $80,000 and my SS payment was almost at the cap. Let's push Trump's (and the rest of the rich) to a flat and equal % of what the middle class pays and no one would ever worry about Social Security going broke. What should be capped is how much you can received, based on need.

But the only way an avowed 'socialist' like Bernie would be elected is if he ran against Trump. In many circles, the 'S-word' is on a par with the 'N-word' and the 'F-word' as unacceptable in polite conversations.

2. Whatever Republican vs. Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren: It's a shame that Elizabeth isn't running herself--she is Bernie without the S-word. She is the one national politician I agree with as much as I agree with Bernie. And Joe is just so lovable and awkward and 'sweet' (there I said it...'sweet' to describe a politician.) He'd be a one term President because of his age and Elizabeth would run and win and become the first woman President in 2020.

3. And must less, much less exciting than 1 or 2 to me. The inevitable Hillary. I'll vote for her because I couldn't 'not vote' and would never vote for any of the Republicans. But I wouldn't have that feeling in my heart I had when I voted for her husband or Barack Obama. I'll just hold my nose and vote.

I really want a 'real progressive'--Bernie or Elizabeth. I'm not sure it's possible, unless Bernie runs against the Donald.

We'll see--#2 seems, at this point anyway--the best of all possible worlds. We'll see, won't we....?

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