Monday, July 25, 2016

First night

In the next few days I'll have lots to write about the Democratic Convention--it's late tonight so I will be brief.

Started rocky with lots of Bernie discontent--not unexpected by any means.

But my God--Al Franken and Sarah Silverstein--tell me two comics at the Republican Convention (besides Trump and Pence, who don't mean to be....) they were great.

Michelle for President! Lordy, Lordy the girl can move a crowd. The turn started there.

Then Elizabeth and Bernie: the twin darlings of Progressives like me (when did we accept the P word rather than the L word--whether L means Liberal or Left-Wing) who made the case that Bernie's 'revolution' created the most liberal platform in history and will live on through Hillary's presidency.

What a contrast to the gloom and doom and zombie apocalypse of the GOP.

Makes me prouder than ever to be a Yellow Dog Democrat.

More when I'm more awake.

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