Saturday, July 9, 2016

I envy Bern and Sherrie

Bern and Sherri Ellis are going to NYC tomorrow for Mimi's baby shower given by her friends in the city.

I envy them.

But, no boys allowed.

I could get upset about the gender bias of all that.

But, hey, I'm a heterosexual, white male. I'm the poster boy for having bias.

I think I wrote something in the last month or so about acknowledging 'privilege'.

Given the political atmosphere today, that is even more important.

As a heterosexual, white male with 6 figures of income a year, I embody 'privilege'.

And that means I have to accept that everyone who isn't a heterosexual, white male with my bank account can 'bar' me from stuff, just as folks like me have barred them for all of American history.

And I do accept that. I heard a black woman say on radio that all the deaths of black men at the hands of the police is just "headlines" for people like me. For her, she said, 'it's my life'.

That is true. As true as true can be.

So, I won't go to Mimi's shower 'cause the women say I can't.

But she's my baby girl. So I envy Bern and Sherrie. I do.

White, male privilege has it's costs....

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