Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Perfect Day

To be this far into July and have such a perfect day is amazing. I didn't check the temperature, but it wasn't hot and almost no humidity. A great day to sit on the deck and read.

But it wasn't a perfect day in Dallas, where a Memorial Service was held for the victims of the hate crime against cops today.

Obama's speech made me so proud that he is my president. Oh, he got social media hatred for daring to mention gun control at a service for 5 men murdered with a gun.

But then for lots of folks out there whatever Obama mentions whenever he mentions it is cause for hating him. If he mentions God, Motherhood and Apple Pie someone will tweet: "Obama never mentions Jesus, demeans mothers and has no appreciation of Blueberry Pie."

I think the racial tensions in our culture are lived out in people's spitefulness toward Obama's blackness. And the great irony is that the people who capital H-A-T-E him would claim it has nothing to do with his race, not in the least bit.

Until we are all able to look honestly at our own racial bias--and we all have them, we do--how can we deal honestly with the scourge of racial bias in the larger society?

Obama's grace and character and even nobility in the face of the irrational hatred directed toward him has been a source of hope and pride for me.

He is a good man. A good, good man--he deserves better.

Bern said she cried during his speech. And she's a tough lady who doesn't waste tears or suffer fools.

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