Saturday, July 9, 2016

If you could know....

Something I've been pondering today (since it was cloudy and cool and I had not one thing I 'had' to do) is this: if you could know the date and time of your death, if some omniscient being could tell you...would you want to know?

I'm pondering this because I'm 69 and have outlived my mother by 6 years. My father was 83 when he died and I guess I could take heart in the old wives' tale than your age matches the parent of your gender. I'd get to be with my yet to be born 4th grandchild, Ellie, until she was in her teens. And I'd see Morgan, Emma out of college and Tegan graduate high school. That would be wonderful.

People who  have 'bucket lists' (things they want to do before they die) would probably want to know so they could time things better. But how about other folks...would they want to know?

I haven't come down on either side yet, but I'm wrestling with it.

What about you? Would you want to know?

Ponder it and see what you learn.

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