Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who knew?

For some reason, unknown to me, Bern is watching a 'Sharknato' deal. There are apparently 4 of them, she's on #3.

This is the woman who, for weeks after seeing Jaws couldn't take a shower in comfort!

Apparently the 'Sharknato' movies are comedies of sorts with all manner of unexpected cameos. I saw Penn and Teller in a diner and Teller had no lines!

Anyway, after I found out what the movies were I went downstairs to read. It wasn't until I'd been down there for a while that I realized the 'shark-nato' thing was a play on 'tornado' since sharks came out of the sky.

Up until then I was trying to get my head around what sharks flying through the sky had to do with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Donald Trump has little interest in even though it has kept the Western world safe since WW II.

"Ah," I said, a light bulb going on, cartoon like over my head, "like a 'tornado', I get it now."

Day by day I creep closer to needing to be in the home....

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