Friday, July 8, 2016

Irony I don't like

I am a big fan of 'irony'. I would use 'ironic' as one of the words to describe myself. "Irony Rules!!" in my book.

But the irony of Dallas is not something I like at all.

From all reports, the Police in Dallas are on the forefront of making reforms to make policing color blind in meaningful ways. Their chief is Black. Large numbers of their officers are Black/Hispanic. They are, it seems, a model for how to police in a diverse society.

There was a demonstration against police violence yesterday in Dallas. It was about the murders of black men in New Orleans and Minnesota.  It was totally peaceful. The police have been praised by the demonstrators for their helpfulness. The crowd--a real diverse group--even felt the police of Dallas by-in-large supported their peaceful march.

And then a sniper killed and wounded a dozen or so members of the Dallas police.

How ironic that at a peaceful protest against police violence in a city whose police are seen as a model for what 21st Century 'policing' should look like, someone would kill and wound the police.

Tragedy is bad enough--as in New Orleans and Minnesota--but 'ironic' tragedy, as in Dallas, is even more senseless and troubling.

Deep breath, everyone. We've got to figure out how to get this right.

We've got to. All of us.

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