Monday, October 3, 2016

Back at desk

Well, it took me five days to get down the hall to my computer. I could have come sooner but I'm really trying not to overdue it. I spend 4 or 5 hours sitting up but the rest of the time in bed or on the couch in our TV room. All of this, including my little office, are on the second floor of our house.

I live upstairs for now and will until next Monday when I see the surgeon, Dr. Shia. Then I'll learn if I can go to a cane or have to stay with crutches. I'm terrible with crutches! I do have a friend's wheelchair, which makes things easier except a house built in 1850 isn't very good for wheel chairs--narrow doors, narrow hallway, sharp turns....

Our dog, Bela, is enjoying my time in bed. Every once in a while, while I'm up, he goes to the 'big bed' (one of the phrases like 'go out' and 'look in your bowl' that I'm convinced he understands) and barks for me to come join him!

So, I'm reading a lot and watching the Presidential Race on TV, along with "The Voice", old "Bones" episodes and stuff on PBS (saw Judgement at Neurenberg (sp) yesterday--movies may have been better back then....)

(Just watched a video on Bern's phone of Ellie grunting and smiling and pooping her pants! Too cute.)

A couple of people have asked me if I'm 'bored'. One good thing about being an only child who was sickly on and off, I don't really understand that concept!!!

Very little pain or discomfort so far. Something to rejoice about....

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