Monday, October 17, 2016

When Ellie smiles...

Mimi and Tim (my daughter and son-in-law) visited this weekend with baby Ellie (my fourth granddaughter) who is just over two months old.

I'm still hobbling around on crutches and wasn't a very good host, but Bern was a fabulous host--and an even more fabulous grandmother!

Ellie is (and I know I'm prejudiced!) a remarkable little baby. Tim is 41 and Mimi is 38, so they are much more mature than Bern and I were at 25 and 28 when Josh was born and three years after that when Mimi came along. They are so calm and loving that Ellie is calm and engaging herself.

She sat in a little holder that rocked much of the time they were here. She looks around and seems to be thinking thoughts beyond her 9 week old brain and smiles a lot. And when she smiles--when Ellie smiles--we all melt....

We hadn't seen her for a month and she has gained lots of weight and even more 'adorableness' in that time.

It was a wonderful two days. I love them so. And I love everything about Ellie, but when she smiles I just dissolve into wonder....

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