Monday, October 10, 2016

The Locker Room

OK, you've all seen the tape more times than you wanted to and heard Donald Trump half-ass apologize and then excuse it as 'locker room' talk, just stuff guys say to each other while naked in showers.

Well I've been in locker rooms in my day--through high school and for college PE. So, I've heard some crude stuff in my time. But in my memory most of it was evaluating the relative size of other guy's penises. There was stuff about girls, of course, and comments on breasts, but very little about sexual exploits. Of course I grew up in rural places where very little was 'private' and most guys didn't want things they said to get back to the girls they said it about. Some guys claimed to have a peep hole into the girls' shower room, but none of that panned out.

But I have searched my memory well and realize the crudest stuff was in Junior High.

And never in my life did I hear anyone talk about 'grabbing' any girl's...(you know the word by now!) That's a new one on me. All in all, we were cruder about each other than about females. Maybe I grew up in a more sedate place than Donald did.

But this I know and know fair well--'locker room banter' stopped at the locker room door. Fully dressed, no one I ever knew was as crude as Donald was on that tape.

And certainly, I've never heard anyone over 19 say anything like Donald did. If I'm correct in my math, he was 59 when that was recorded and had a pregnant wife at home!

Maybe I'm wrong about all this...or maybe Donald never grew up past 13. Who's to say...?

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