Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The passage of time

Friday will be a month since Dr. Shai reattached my quad muscle to my knee. I still have over two weeks to continue wearing my ankle to thigh leg immobilizing brace. All told, over 6 weeks on crutches and being pretty helpless to do many things for myself. (I thank God every moment for Bern's help....)

But we all know (I think) that time and space are relative. A minute at one time seems shorter or longer than a minute at another time. (I'm not sure that's what Albert E. meant, but it seems accurate!)

Sometimes, as I'm sure you'll agree, 'time flies...' and at other times it drags along like a wounded animal.

This morning I watched a movie on HBO called Me and Earl and a Dying Girl. I'm sure it was 90+ minutes long, but it was over in a nonce! Getting from our TV room to the bathroom (some 20 feet or less) on the other hand, takes me what seems like a quarter of an hour.

Same with this whole recovery: that it's been a month seems impossible. It couldn't be that long! But some of the days have seemed interminable.

What I've been consciously working on is being appreciative of each moment--the 'moving though amber' ones as well as those that flit away.

Each moment holds something precious (or challenging) it seems to me. The precious and the challenging each deserve to be acknowledged, experienced fully, savored.

At least it seems that way to me in my immobile, philosophical mood....

Something to ponder about the passage of time....

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