Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Outside is miles away

As I've said before about being confined to bed, crutches, wheelchair, I'm not bored. I just don't get bored....

But today, 6 days after knee surgery, I've learned anew how much I like the outside.

Stranded upstairs in our house, I can only look out the windows at the 'great outdoors' and can't go there.

Normally, I sit on our deck an hour or two each day and make a point to go for a ride each day and walk the dog three times. Plus, since we use the grill to cook until the first snow, I'd be outside every other day cooking.

Cheshire is a lovely town and even though we've lived here 27 years, there are lots of side streets and back, out of the way parts of it I haven't explored. I'd been doing that this summer, driving aimlessly down streets I'd never traveled, seeing places I've never seen. Though I'm, in many ways, a 'home-body', I've enjoyed those jaunts. They just have to wait.

The October sky is deep blue from my window and the sun is shining with the temperature around 70. But all I can do is look right now.

I watch people walk up and down Cornwall Avenue from our bedroom windows. I never remember envying people for walking before. I do now.

I miss the outdoors...and walking....

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