Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Being an adult

I'm still braced from ankle to thigh on my right leg, yet I'm going to Greenwich tomorrow with my friend to an all day Clergy 'safe-church' event.

I was going to Washington, CT on Oct. 1, but my surgery was Sept 28, so that wasn't possible. Greenwich is the last of a series of required 'safe church' sessions for clergy in CT. Failure to attend is considered reason to be suspended from active ministry.

I realize I've spent much of my life behaving as if 'the rules' didn't really apply to me. And though I'm sure my surgeon wouldn't want me out from 7 am to 7 pm, sitting up all day, I didn't ask him for a 'note to the teacher'. I'm going, like an adult, in spite of how tiring and uncomfortable it might be.

I realize this is nothing more than most people would do, but I've not always done what 'most people would do'. It's disingenuous, I know, to be sort of 'tooting my own horn' for doing the adult thing.

But I've not always done that, by a long shot.

So let me pat myself on the back this one time....

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