Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy Birthday, Bela!

Our dog, Bela, turned 12 yesterday. We only know because the vet sent us an email!

If you live near Cheshire and need a vet, call Dr. Matz. She is amazing. We really love her and she treats Bela with such care and kindness even though he'd probably bite her if he didn't wear a muzzle when he's in her office....

Bela is a bad dog. And Bela is a 'he'. He's a Hungarian sheep-dog, a Puli, and "Bela" is a male name in Hungary: Bartok, Karoli, Lagosi. Like that.

And he is so, so bad.

And we love him so. I love him because I love all dogs. Bern, I suspect, loves him because he's bad. That would be like her.

He's old except when the school bus stops in front of our house or the Postal worker steps on the porch or, as today, the oil truck comes to bring us oil. Then he is 50 pounds of pure energy and anger and defensiveness.

Pulis don't often live far past 12, but I'm praying he does.

Bern will be a mess when he dies. She loves him so. I think he might be more comfort to her if I died than I will be when he dies.

Live long and prosper, Bela.

Happy Birthday.

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