Wednesday, March 29, 2017

visit to a sweet soul

I visited someone today who is ready, willing, wanting to die.

They just can't figure out why they can't will their own death.

A deeply spiritual soul. A body that has been ravaged. A longing to enter that mysterious door to whatever comes next.

I am convinced they aren't kidding about wanting to die and trying to will Death to come.

And with a clear mind, the person longs for leaving. But the train is still at the station.

Since I'll soon be 70 (have I told you that? I'm sure I have--it's on my mind quite a bit) I have some ponderings about death.

I used to think I wanted it to be sudden and unexpected before I lost any mental capacity or even physical ability.

But now, after my visit today, I want to be like that someone is--fully awake but ready to move on.

Something so moving and powerful about facing Death with willingness.

Much, much there to ponder.

I invite you to do just that: ponder how you want to enter that dark door.

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