Saturday, March 4, 2017

Weirded out

I read a lot. Five books a week on average. So much that I'm tending to check older books out of the Cheshire Library since I've pretty much exhausted new arrivals.

But I started a book today and am nearly 100 pages in and it has weirded out so much by it I might put it aside.

It's by a New Zealand writer and called Trust No one.

It's about a 49 year old mystery writer who has very early onset dementia. He calls it the Big A.

The book is on two tracks. The writer (who has a pen name) is writing what he calls his 'madness journal' and is in 40 days after diagnosis. Beside that is a third person narration that takes place a year or more later when he's been in a nursing home for 11 months.

The journal part shows his fear of the future and symptoms he still recognizes as symptoms, meaning the disease hasn't taken him fully. In the narration of his future he sometimes thinks he is the pen name and thinks his 13 books are real, so he thinks he's a murderer much of the time. Thing is, he's an escape artist and does wander off for hours at a time and has a collection of women's jewelry he can't account for, so maybe he is murdering people like he characters did in his books.

That's where I am. The police are at the nursing home and the staff is trying to protect their patient and who knows what is real?

I've begun feeling a little crazy reading it so I think I'll stop.

I don't remember a character who has done that to me--the book is very well written. But I don't what anymore dementia symptoms that I already have!

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