Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Fake President

The Wall Street Journal....let me emphasize that THE WALL STREET of the most conservative and Republican friendly newspapers in the world...said that President Trump, in his consistent refusal to retract and apologize for his tweet that President Obama illegally wire-tapped Trump Tower, is in danger of being 'the fake President'.

This is not MSNBC, the Washington Post or New York Times (God bless them all!) it is the Wall Street Journal.

In our short time through the 'looking glass' in Trump World, left is up and right is North and South is 'over there' and East is on the other side of that.

It is really, profoundly, frighteningly confusing about what is TRUE and what is 'Alternative Facts' and what is 'Fake' and what is just 'made up' out of whole cloth.

God bless the Wall Street Journal (though I've never, as a left-win nut--probably socialist--imagined saying that.)

If some real challenge to Trump's competence is to be mounted, it must come from conservative sources, not the Left.

A crack in the dam?

One can hope and pray, beloved.

Hope and pray.....

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