Saturday, March 25, 2017

Forgiveness (again)

It only took me 2 hours (35 minutes of which were on the GW bridge) to drive from Teaneck, NJ to Cheshire today. Almost no traffic on the HH parkway, the Cross County, the Hutch and the Merritt. None of that makes sense to people who don't live in the North East, but it is like DNA important stuff to New Englanders!

We had 33 or34 folks in the Forgiveness workshop in Teaneck. An amazing group of folks looking for transformation.

Forgiveness is--one in the same time--very, very hard work and as easy as willing to say so.

The Mastery events I help lead are all about the distinction between 'change' and 'transformation'. This workshop--the first time I've led it--is no different. We all long for 'changing things' and change is almost impossible.

Transformation is falling off a log easy except you have to clear away so much stuff--really heavy, painful stuff--to stand in an opening for possibility.

I think most of the people in today's workshop shed tears and most of them had a breakthrough into a 'future' they create rather than a 'future' determined by the past.

Scary stuff--freedom.

And you should give it a try....

No kidding.

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