Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here's who I envy least in the whole world.

Sean Spicer (that Melissa McCarthy look-alike) who just happens to be the Press Secretary for the President (He Who Will Not Be Named).

HWWNBN (see just above) accused no-drama Obama of tapping his phones in the tower that bears the Name of HWWNBN during 'the sacred election campaign'. If that election campaign was 'sacred' than tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day's beer drenched celebration is more 'sacred' than Christmas and Easter combined!

The Speaker of the House (Congressional head of HWWNBN's own party and the Chair and Vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee all said yesterday that no such thing happened.

If I publicly and broadly lied about a former President committing a felony I would be visited by the FBI and Justice department. I'm sure of that. And I would approve of those visits.

Well, they know where HWWNBN lives, for sure.

And poor Sean Spicer has to juggle 6 balls while spinning 8 plates and making a rabbit come out of his hat to tell the White House press corps how HWWNBN didn't really lie.

God help you, Sean. No one else can.

You are the person I least envy in all the world.

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