Friday, March 10, 2017

war against the 'world'

Trump's actions in the White house show he is at war with lots of people.

*Immigrants of all sorts (which you are unless your DNA is all Native American)


*Transgendered folks.

*Folks helped by the Affordable Care Act.

*Federal attorneys.

But that's just against people.

The most frightening Trump 'war' is against the planet.

Appointing a head of the EPA who doesn't believe in earth science and a head of energy who does believe in fossil fuels is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

He is dead set on rolling back all the environmental actions of earlier years and gutting the EPA.

This is the scariest thing he's taken on.

People, in groups and with supporters, can resist and fight back. The Planet can't.

The planet has no way to say 'no' to Trump's hatred.

We must speak for the Planet. We are the only voices the Planet has.

It's the only planet we have. Fight back for this fragile earth, our island home.


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