Monday, November 20, 2017

Bela's reply

I posted a few weeks ago that Bela, our Hungarian Sheepdog, got a letter from a politician's dog asking him to make sure we voted for his 'dad'.

I forgot to post Bela's reply, so here it is.


Dear Sizzels,

Funny thing about your letter: you never mentioned your ‘man’s’ political party. I pretty much figured it out from the no tax/no spend stuff and given what’s up in Washington I’m sure lots of New England Republicans don’t brag about being one.

 My “Man”—I never call him “Dad”—too anthropomorphic for me—is what we call back home ‘a yellow dog Democrat’. That means if Mother Teresa were the Republican and a yellow dog (like you and me, though I’m black…but a dog like us) was the Democrat, my man would vote for the yellow dog.

So, he and my Woman won’t be voting for your ‘Dad’.

But it was interesting, I must say, to get a letter from another dog.

My first one ever. Well, my first letter ever, just so you know.

My vet sends me post cards to tell me I have to come to her office and suffer with shots and blood tests and such, but never a letter addressed to me before.

So, thanks for that.

And go Democrats!!!

Be well and don’t itch.

Bela Bradley

p.s. I licked this since I can't hold a pen....


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