Saturday, November 25, 2017

Things to be thankful for....

Mimi and Eleanor came on Wednesday.

Tim came on the train to New Haven on Thanksgiving morning and John picked him up and they came here.

Josh, Cathy and the girls spent Wednesday night in Kent and were here at 9:15 a.m.

I picked up Hanna at 1:30.

We at at 3 or so.

Hanna is 92 so I took her home to Hamden before 6.

Our children and son/daughter in laws and 4 granddaughters were here until Saturday late morning.

And they taught me, along with Bern, what thankfulness is all about.

Friends, family, blood, children and food and drink a plenty.

Tim and Mimi and Eleanor will go to Florida at Christmas to visit Tim's parents and brother.

Josh and Cathy and the three Bradley girls will celebrate Christmas in their new house in Baltimore. It's time--the girls are 11, 11 and 8. Time to be 'home' at HOME for them. Bern and I stopped going to parents at holidays when I was ordained and Josh was a baby. I work on Christmas. We've been blessed to be with them this long at Christmas except the years they either went to Taiwan or California to visit Cathy's family there.

Soon, maybe, we'll go to them on holidays.

Which makes the magic last 4 days even more precious--knowing it won't be like this forever.

But what joy we shared, all of us.

I thank my lucky star and my God for them....

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