Thursday, November 9, 2017

Moore is better

Is it possible that the allegations of sexual abuse against Weinstein, Spacey, O'Riley and so many others both here and abroad will finally convince people of what has always been true--that women are seen as prey for men who are predators?

Bern has always said, "Men are dogs". And, in many cases she is right. The recent spate of allegations is stunning--but not surprising.

But the best one came today--Judge Roy Moore, Republican candidate for Jeff Sessions Alabama Senate seat, has had 4 women allege he was sexually abusive toward them while they were minors....

The accuser who brought the others out of the woodwork was 14--14 for God's sake--when Moore, who was 32, undressed her, touched her, kissed her and asked her to touch him. She refused and he did take her home. But a man of 32, a lawyer, doing that to a 14 year old? Give me a break.

Judge Moore was thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court twice for ignoring federal law. He believes homosexuality should be against the law and punishable by prison. He doesn't believe Muslims should hold elective office. He thinks the 10 Commandments should be on public display in government buildings. He thinks anyone should be able to carry a gun in public. He does like horses, I'll give him that, but any Conservative Evangelical who abuses minor girls should be beaten to a pulp.

The law in Alabama says that it's too close to the election to drop off the ballot--the special election is next month. Steve Bannon and Fox News folks are defending him. He is arrogant in his denials.

So, we get to see if Alabama is willing to send a pedophile to the Senate just as the country (and a huge majority of Evangelical Christians) sent a  "p***y grabber" to the White House.

I can only pray that the uproar over sexual harassment will last longer than a news cycle and that women will finally, ultimately, correctly be heard for the Truth they are telling.

We shall see, won't we....


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