Friday, November 10, 2017

Just a few pieces of good news

Tuesday was full of good news for liberals like me. Way beyond Democrats becoming governors in Virginia and New Jersey. Some more pieces of good news.

*Charlotte elected it's first female African American mayor.

*St. Paul elected it's first Black mayor.

*In Minneapolis, Andrea Jenkins, a transgendered black woman won a seat on the City Council.

*In Seattle a lesbian, Jenny Durkar was elected mayor.

*In Helena, Montana a Liberian immigrant, Wilmot Collins, became mayor beating a man who ran on not wanting immigrants in Helena. 1% of Helena's population is black....

*Danica Roem, a transgendered woman, won a seat in Virginia's house defeating the man who wrote a bill restricting bathroom use to gender of birth.

*Also in Virginia, 2 Latinas and a Asian America became the first of their kind to be elected to the stat house of Representatives.

*Ravi Bhalla became the first Sikh mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey.

*Also in New Jersey a black woman, Ashly Bennet, unseated John Carmon from the Board of  a county. Carmon posted a deal on Facebook asking if the women on the women's march on Washington would be home in time to cook dinner. Now he has time to cook his own.

There were more GOOD NEWS elections, but those really caught my attention.

I hope it's a ground swell for 2018. I hope and pray.

A government of the people and by the people--ALL the people....

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