Thursday, November 2, 2017

Creature of habit

OK, I'm 70 years old (as unbelievable as that is to me) and getting a little dotey (which spell doesn't acknowledge as a word but I don't know how else to spell it.) Doe-te means "not quite all there" where I come from. I don't know what it means to you. Let me know. Dottey? Douty? Doghty? Spell check doesn't like any of those either. Add it to your vocabulary. "Jim is a little 'dotey'." Meaning he isn't quite all there all the time,

But I'm also a creature of habit. As impulsive and out of the box as I present myself, I really love 'being in a rut', doing things the same way every time. Stuff like that.

So, when I go to the store (which I do almost every day) I always put my groceries in the trunk to go home. Our refrigerator is semi-empty. Bern and I take turns cooking dinner and usually go get dinner stuff the day we cook it.

So, I have lots of practice putting groceries in the trunk, using the little tab with my key to open the trunk before I get there.

For reasons I cannot ever explain (being a creature of habit, lover of ruts, keeper of traditions) I put the grocery bag in the back seat behind the drivers' seat today.

When I got home I opened the trunk from the button on the door of my car and went back there and stared into a trunk with lots of grocery bags (I keep them there always--never using plastic bags...creature of habit stuff.)

I stood in our driveway for what may have been a minute, staring into the trunk, wondering what happened to my groceries--running through scenarios that were impossible.

Finally, I remembered putting the grocery bag in the back seat because I wasn't able to find my car keys when I got back to the car because I'd put them in my shirt pocket rather than my jean's pocket--breaking another 'creature of habit' habit.

Maybe I'm just 'dough-tee' (I'll spell it like I pronounce it since spellcheck doesn't accept any of my spellings) or....Maybe I'm coming to a time, later in life, when I break my habits and live free and do things in surprising new ways.....

I prefer the latter to the former explanation!!!!

Of course I do.....

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