Saturday, November 18, 2017

so tired

The last two days I've gone to Greenwich, which is only about 60 miles away but only accessible from I 95 and the Merritt Parkway, neither of which is a leisurely drive! In fact, going south from CT is a nightmare.

I was in Greenwich for the Convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. I used to be a real fan of Convention. I would sit near a microphone and make people crazy with my comments on resolutions. When I retired I realized I really didn't care that much any more. I go to convention to see people I don't see much--which is a joy, though watching them grow older is not!

Friday, my friend Charles drove me. Today I drove myself.

On Friday there was a resolution that was amended 5 times and the last time was to remove all the language that had been inserted the first four times so we voted on what we were first given after nearly an hour of quibbling.

Then today there was a similar expenditure of time and passion on a resolution that was really just to clean up some language in the Diocesan Canons (church talk for 'laws') that resulted in voting on what was given us to begin with.

The last resolution was about 'inclusive language in Prayer Book revision' and I left before debate started because I wanted to be ahead of 300 people leaving the hotel AND I could predict about everything--pro and con--that would be said. I assume it passed, but not without heated debate and hurt feelings.

The devotional times were wonderful and the Bishop's address was like a Ted talk with three huge screens that showed stuff all through convention. I told him afterwards that "the Bishop's address" was usually a bathroom break for me, but his was the best I've heard in 40 years or so.

Voting in the elections had to be done on-line and since I have no device I can carry that accesses the web, I had to go in the hall and vote on a tablet provided by the diocese. Humiliating.

I checked out the best low price smart phones since I've been home.

Hello, Moto!

Perhaps soon....

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