Saturday, June 2, 2018


Where we live there are multitudes of birds.

They usually wake me up calling to the dawn but I go back to sleep.

Late this afternoon, as I was grilling dinner--grilled asparagus and onion, steak and a salad if you care--the rain had stopped and the birds were catching up with each other big time.

I even love the caw of the crows. The occasional yip of the neighborhood hawks is a gift.

I fancy I can whistle and imitate some of the calls. Not always, but sometimes I carry on a short conversation with a a bird. Cardinals I'm pretty good at.

Some house wrens nest in the exhaust line from our downstairs bathroom. You can hear them as you brush your teeth (and do other things one does in a bathroom as well!) It's a long exhaust so the fan doesn't bother them, I don't guess, or they wouldn't come back year after year.

A robin used to nest on the unused alarm on our front porch--since we don't have an alarm system (shouldn't put that on line, probably)--but after several years of young robins, the last time we painted the porch they never came back.

More blue jays this year than normal. Bern doesn't like them--they're bossy.

A sparrow sat on the other chair as I was reading on the deck a few mornings ago. He/she hopped around for a long time and tweeted at me. It was great.

In September we'll make our annual pilgrimage to Oak Island, NC where there is the largest nesting place of brown pelicans on the east coast and lots of birds that don't come to Connecticut.

We used to have birds in our house, but I much prefer them outside--though the parakeets constant songs were soothing.

Birds need to soar as they sing.

At least I think so.

In case you haven't noticed--I love birds.

Sometimes on Route 9 going to Higganum, I see lots of hawks and the occasional eagle. I'm lucky I don't wreck watching them.

Which reminds me, I need to go to Hamden soon to see the swans.

Take some time to listen to the birds around you.

Something or other like Glory....

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