Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Good News

I have this news feed on my computer that offers me dozens of stories from the day's news.

I get stuff about politics, world affairs, economics, all kinds of sports, odd stuff and one option called "Good News".

I find myself clicking on that more and more these days since I feel a little crazy in Trump-World and need a dose of goodness.

George H.W. Bush has got a service dog.

A boy sold his toys to support his service dog.

A service dog was pictured in a Middle School album.

And those are just the stories today abut service dogs.

There are many more about more things than you can imagine.

There is 'good news' in this dark and depressing time.

Turn to it yourself.

Ponder how 'good news' can inspire us to keep moving forward and making a difference.

We need 'good news'.

There's more of it than I imagined....

I promise there is.....

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