Thursday, June 7, 2018

some stuff

I don't have anything profound to write about today so I'll just share some trivia with  you.

1. Our daughter-in-law has just be appointed as a judge in Baltimore. She has been a prosecutor for the last few years and before that defended abused spouses for a non-profit Do I have to call here "your honor" from now on?

2. Our granddaughter Eleanor has had 4 febrile seizures in the last 6 months. But she's been to pediatric neurologists at Cornell and Columbia (ah, to live in NYC) and has been on medication to keep her inexplicable fevers down. Good new is almost all kids grow out of them. Bad news is, it is so scary....Hold her in your heart.

3. Having lunch with my bishop tomorrow. We've know each other for 35 years and have lunch from time to time, but I suspect he wants to talk about the Cluster I serve very part time. I've been the interim for 7 years (a 'long' interim in the Episcopal church is 2 years!) and though the churches are doing quite well, thanks to God and those people, he probably wants to talk about my replacement,. I'm 1//4 time and he thinks they need 1/2 time priest. I don't think so. Could be an interesting conversation....

4. Had dinner with the officers of the Cluster tonight and, surprise, surprise, we talked about the stuff in #3. They are so great, the three of them. I love and respect them to death.

5. We're having the floor of our back porch replaced and work done on our front porch. I have to call the Historical Society guy tomorrow--they approved the back porch (and why not?) and one of the members of the committee is a neighbor who things the front porch thing is 'repair' and doesn't need the approval of what another neighbor calls "The Hysterical Society". If you live in an historic district--God bless you. If you don't, don't move into one....

6. I've been having strange but wonderful dreams lately. I remember them when I wake up and should write them down immediately as I did for years in Jungian therapy. But I don't and forget them. But they are strange and wonderful. Perhaps my 'unconscious' is rewarding me for how well-balanced and happy I am.....Well, I said 'maybe'.

7. I don't have the energy to write anything about our President tonight, but I did hear a long interview with a political scientist who wrote a book about how 'freedom' and democracy is undermined by a culture of lies and conspiracy theories and causing division and demands for absolute loyalty and denigration of dissent. The writer sees it around the free world. I see it everyday here by a man who has made a 'waving idol' of the flag I love and an alternative reality out of the country I would die for.

8. To follow up on #7, Bern gave me a cup with a quote from the social activist/comedian Bill Mahr that says, "I'm mostly pissed off that more people aren't pissed off."  That's how I feel most of the time about the current administration.

9. Could you please get a little more pissed off and get some more people to. Please! And soon!

(See you when I have something profound to write about....)

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