Wednesday, June 20, 2018


A 'lie', according to Wikapedia, is "a statement used intentionally for the purpose of deception".

Lies, according to me, is the lingua franca of the current administration of our country.

Lie One--"the law passed by the Democrats made the President separate children from their parents at the Southern boarder." That 'law' has been a 'law' since the Bush administration and neither Bush nor Obama 'interpreted' it to separate children from their adults.

Lie Two--"only Congress can correct the problem with a new law." The President could have corrected the problem with a phone call.

Lie Three--the President corrected the problem (that only Congress could correct!!!) with an executive order. There was no need for an executive order to correct the problem, a phone call would have done it.

Lie Four--everything is alright now about child separation. No it's not. No one seems to know for sure, but around or mare than 2000 children have already been separated and the executive order and no known agency is empowered to reunite them. Some of the children are as far away from the boarder as New York and Chicago. How to get those kids back to their parents? No one knows.

Only the enormous outrage of most of the religious community and most of the country's citizens and even some Republicans made the President refute Lie one and two by telling Lie three and four.

It's all lies.

Apparently the President believes and believes fair well, that if you tell a lie enough it might begin to sound like an 'alternative truth'.

There's no end to the lies we've heard. I see fact checks every day about anything the President says.

Germany's crime is up 10% because of refugees. No, it's down 10% even as they accept refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

Tariffs will improve the economy. No, most economists think a trade war is anathema for our economy.

Canada and Mexico are against us and North Korea is for us. No, Lord God, no....

Pulling out of the UNESCO, the Paris Climate Accord and defying the G-7 will make America great again. No, all that is non-sense and not since the beginning of the 20th century have so many of our traditional allies doubted our 'greatness'.

It's a nightmare beyond dreaming.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

There must be an end to the lies somewhere. Please vote in November and send a clear message to this President (who will not be named.....)....

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