Wednesday, June 13, 2018

choices we make

I was looking at an almost 25 year old photo album tonight. Pictures from when Bern and Mimi and I visited Josh in England.

After college Josh got a green card for England in some program and went to live and work there for a year. He worked in a pub near Chelsea's soccer stadium, so it was a very busy pub. Most of the people who worked there were foreigners like Josh and lived in a dormitory behind the pub.

While he was there he dated a young woman named Anna, from Columbia, I think. There are several pictures of her in the album. She is lovely--though every woman Josh ever dated was lovey--and her face looking at Bern and Mimi and Josh shows great honesty and affection.

I liked her a lot, in that brief visit. But then I liked every girl Josh dated except for one from UMass.

They had their time and chose, one or the other of them, to move on.

What if they hadn't?

Where would Cathy, our daughter in law, have ended up? We would never have had Morgan, Emma and Tegan to love.

What is wondrous to ponder is how every choice we make in life ripples out.

It's why I choose (I hope I'm getting  'chose' and choose' right! a tough one for me) to have no regrets. To regret anything I did or didn't do would alter the reality of today--June 13, 2018 wouldn't be what it is if I had made a different choice at any point in life.

And I simply adore and am eternally grateful for my life as it is this day.

So, no regrets.

I made stupid choices along with brilliant ones, but they led me to this moment and this moment is where I want to be.

So, as I said, no regrets.

(Regrets, it seems to me, come to the fore when life hasn't turned out well. I understand that and feel compassion for those in that place. But if you are satisfied and joyful with you life, regret not....just me talkin'....)

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