Saturday, June 16, 2018

Eleanor and Brooklyn

So, we take the train to Grand Central from New Haven. Then we ride the 4 or 5 subway (doesn't matter which) to Atlantic Avenue/Barclay Center. We used to be within 2 blocks of Tim and Mimi's apartment from there--but now it it a 20 minute walk and we're not going to do that!

No taxi available so Tim comes to get us.

Then he goes to work and we spend the day with Eleanor. Joy.

She'll be two in August but talks like a champ and is almost never unhappy.

She and Bern were out on the balcony for almost an hour with soapy water in a big bowl and some of her toys which she washed more than they needed and she watered Tim's tomato plants and flowers. The tomatoes are way ahead of ours in CT!

I sat near and watched them, but Tim and Mimi and Eleanor live on the 13th floor and I cannot--cannot--go out on the balcony. It freaks me out. Heights.

Eleanor ate whatever we gave here--cheese, organic chicken noodle soup, tangerines--took an over an hour nap and since it was Friday and Tim and Mimi have 'those kind of jobs', they were both  home before 5 p.m.

Bern taught Eleanor to say "ooo-la-la" though she said it "ooo-la-la-la" to both of her parents when they came home.

Then an Uber to Atlantic Avenue and the subway to Grand Central and a train to New Haven and a car to Cheshire.

A wondrous day.

But I'm not sure I could live in Brooklyn or any of NYC. Too many people on too many cell phones in too big a hurry.

A block or two from Mimi/Tim/Eleanor--an area where all you need is a block or two away--maybe, just to be near them.

But I'm just not sure. I'm too old for city life. I like it fine--love it, in fact--here  in Cheshire, our house surrounded by trees, lots of birds, not much to do.

July 4 we're going to the Bradley/Chen's in Baltimore to see those three granddaughters.

Life is good. Watching the flesh of our flesh growing and prospering is wondrous.

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