Monday, July 2, 2018

Going to Baltimore

We're leaving in the morning for Baltimore to celebrate the 4th of July with Josh/Cathy and the growing up too fast Bradley girls.

Given Fort McHenry and all that, Baltimore probably goes all out for the 4th. I'll let you know.

Having Eleanor in our life makes me miss the 'little girls' we used to see on holidays and in Baltimore. Morgan and Emma are on the verge of puberty and Tegan is much bigger than I want her to be.

But they are wonders--each of them in different ways. Morgan is sly and insightful. Emma is ebullient and excited. Tegan is social and secretive at the same time.

And Josh is flesh of my flesh and Cathy is the flesh they chose to share with each other.

Pinch myself every time I have to hear stories--deep and heart-breaking and profound--about children that have struggled, gone off the rails, been lost.

We lucked out in all that in a big way--and I mean 'luck' like "Grace" since I can't see how we deserved to have two such children and such great son and daughter in law and four granddaughters.

We didn't 'earn' it--they are, pure and simple, GIFTS.

And we get to see 5 of the 8 of them tomorrow.

Cahoo, Cahey!!!

I'll check in with you on Friday.

Shalom and Happy 4th!

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