Thursday, July 5, 2018

What I call Justice

Back from Baltimore--great 4th (more later)--wondrous Josh and Cathy--too amazing three growing girls.

The best news I've heard since getting home (besides Scott Pruitt's resignation) is that a group of poachers broke into a wild animal preserve in South Africa and were killed by lions.

The poachers were armed with all the things need to kill rhinos and take their horns. But a pride of lions had other ideas for them.

South African officials aren't quite sure how many poachers their were--they haven't be able to determine how many remains the lions left.

This is what I call the triumph of Nature over Assholes.

Bless you lions. Keep your eyes open and protect those rhinos always.

Justice prevails.

Please support all those trying to protect endangered species and animals in general.

It was their planet once--before us--we need to make sure they are safe.

We need to be lions bringing justice to the wildness of the earth.

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